Hi Barley,

Thanks again for another lovely, workshop yesterday. It was the perfect balance of fun, restoration and relaxation.

I loved the way we 'abandoned' our mats and embraced something a little different, learning the dance and working together. It was a refreshing change to actually interact with others - something we seem to do less and less these days.

Those twists at the end were fabulous too. I didn't feel it so much at the time but this morning it feels as though I have had the best massage! Feeling much more free, especially in my back and shoulders

There is always such a fantastic atmosphere at your workshops. You are so good at creating a space where everyone feels welcome and uninhibited.

My husband said I was very chilled out when he came to pick me up! I slept like a baby and am feeling nice and refreshed for the week ahead - which makes a nice change. So thank you!

Really looking forward to the Dragon Dance in November!


I started yoga on a recommendation from my GP to help me relax more.

Stressful times at work were taking their toll on my body on the inside although on the outside I seemed fine. Stress was affecting my breathing and digestive system and I needed to find ways to ease out the tension that I was carrying.

Barley and all the class members have always made me feel very welcome and it doesn’t matter what level you start at Barley will always give you alternatives to try if you can’t complete an exercise.

I have found different ways to ease tension, assist with breathing techniques, become more flexible and I have regularly used these methods in my day to day life. Everyone should learn relaxation techniques and sleep extremely well as I do after yoga.

Can’t wait for Wednesdays!


Having had 2 children in fairly close succession, moved continents, then moved again, unemployment, family illness…all the things that everybody faces every day, but that I struggled to cope with, I found myself in dire need of some help trying to relax but more importantly to do something for myself away from it all. I joined Barley’s yoga class last year in the hope that it would help me to find a way to help me feel calm, sleep better, learn to appreciate the great things in my life and maybe even get a bit fitter!

Yoga has helped me to remember that my body is capable of more than just childbearing, putting prams in the car and pushing trolleys around a supermarket with a screaming toddler on my shoulders. It has taught me how to be calm, how to feel centred, grounded and energetic all at the same time! My favourite flow has been the Dragon Dance which feels strong, empowering and very feminine. My favourite stretch is difficult to choose, I love Pigeon, Tree and the Greek Goddess although I’m fairly sure I don’t look like one when I’m doing it! One thing I’ve really enjoyed is the way that Barley chooses a different theme each week to focus on but that they all link together so that you feel a sense of achievement at the end of each term and that you’ve really learned something. I also love the little morsels of knowledge she throws our way such as the Yogi’s complete 108 rounds of salute to the sun! Something to aspire to; My favourite relaxation was being part of the stars and the universe which left me feeling truly and utterly relaxed.I’ve done several yoga classes over the years but this has by far been the most challenging and the most enjoyable. Yoga has helped me in so many ways, in strengthening my pelvic floor, I now actually have stomach muscles (I never thought I’d see them again!), and more than anything to calm my mind as well as my body and to feel a little more like me again.

Thank you Barley x

Dance & Yoga

Barley has been my dance teacher, Clout Youth Dance company leader, yoga teacher and a wonderful friend since I started with her 6 years ago. I credit her for not only helping me become the dancer that I am; more flexible, strong, understanding and forgiving of my body, but also for helping my confidence, my creativity and my passion.

I started yoga with Barley to assist with my dancing and loosen a few persistently tight muscles. However, I’ve gained so much more! My posture has become a lot better, I feel stronger and I feel much more aware of my body and the individual way it works. Barley is such a talented and compassionate teacher, I have always felt at ease in all the classes and Barley is full of so much useful yogi knowledge to help with everyday life – I now understand that when I’m stressed, anxious or the daily troubles of life get to me too much, I can come to my yoga mat and breathe, focus my mind and let go.

Dance classes with Barley and Nikki are fun, friendly and I look forward to my Monday nights every week! I’ve loved the many, many different styles of dance we’ve taken on, the innovative choreography, meeting countless lovely people along the way, and the passion behind it all. Barley and Nikki truly love what they do and are there to bring out and nurture each individual’s talent.

‘A dance teacher helps their student find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life.’ Love and Light, Jess 


Barley is a hugely knowledgable and naturally gifted teacher. Acutely observant and attentive to the safety and potential limitations of those in her care, Barley was the first person in my 57 years to spot a distortion in the way I stand and this, coupled with the powerful asana work, has led to me discovering my balance and core strength, with long-standing niggles and aches banished completely. Barley’s teaching around breathing and relaxation has had a profound impact on my daily life, enabling me to focus and discover an inner peace and strength. Over the past 18 months, I have developed a deep equilibrium both physically and mentally and will be eternally grateful that I discovered such an inspirational teacher and guide.


My daughter, Victoria, encouraged me to go to Barley’s yoga classes and I now love my Wednesday evenings.
Barley makes everyone feel so welcome. I particularly enjoy the breathing, relaxation and work on the core. It’s just the thing after a stressful day at work and promotes a good nights sleep. Its particularly useful for beginners as Barley will give alternative poses for them which achieves similar results.


I’ve been attending ballet classes for over 2 years now. I used to ballet dance when I was younger and I’m now in my forties. I love the ballet classes as even when I’m not in the mood and can’t be bothered (usually a rainy winter night) when I’ve warmed up and started to get into the class my mood lifts. The music and especially the small routines we learn make me forget about work and I get totally engrossed in the class.
I always leave ballet glad I made the effort and it sets me up for the week. The classes with Nikki and Barley are uplifting and we have a laugh too even though ballet is disciplined and you do have to concentrate on the moves. My body tone has improved and my flexibility and posture too. I love the centre work and pushing myself has definitely improved my stamina, but most of all, simply dancing for an hour is the best way to clear your head


The most fun you can have in Newark is Nikki and Barley’s Monday night dance class. I have been going since having a baby and though I had danced ballet in the past I felt pretty out of shape! However thanks to the easy-going relaxed nature of the class and plenty of help and advice on how to get back into dance without hurting myself, I feel like I’m returning to my old self. The class is super friendly and much more fun then other ballet classes I have done in the past. The contemporary class has the best music and always varied and interesting routines to dance. I love the incorporation of all styles of dance you can think of and Barley choreographs them so beautifully – I danced my first ever Irish jig in this class! It is the most fun and I’m always gutted if I have to miss a week.


Since attending Barley’s yoga class I have found relief for my back and shoulder problems. I look forward to going every week and learning new positions and flows. If there is anything I find difficult Barley always has an alternative way of doing the position. Learning to breathe properly is very beneficial in relaxing and relieving stress from my busy day. I can highly recommend Barley’s yoga class.